Eric Vloeimans

04 maart 2010

Eric Vloeimans (1963), born in the Netherlands, is regarded as one of Europe’s best trumpet players. He shows an extraordinary talent forplaying original music with an outstanding quality. On his cd’sVloeimans prefers to record original compositions. As a composer hedoes not feel restricted to one particular style, but at the same time,he has managed to create a language of his own. His writing is freshand creative, yet not without feel and respect for the tradition. Thegreat musical talent and the expressive power of the music of EricVloeimans have been honoured by winning the Dutch Edison Award fourtimes, the Boy Edgar Award, the Elly Ameling oeuvre prize and theprestigious Bird Award at the North Sea Jazz Festival.

Eric Vloeimans has been active in a wide variety of ensembles all over the years. The Eric Vloeimans Quartet and his recent Gatecrash grouphave earned reputations as being Holland’s top bands. Vloeimans’performances with a multitude of other formations has shown hisversatility. His musical talent, easy-going attitude and great sense ofhumour have brought him to play with national and internationalartists. Eric Vloeimans has attained a level that enables him to sharethe stage with many of the most reputable and established musicians inthe jazz scene and beyond. He played with Marc Johnson, PierreCourbois, The Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra, Michiel Borstlap,Jeroen van Vliet, Nguyên Lê, Anton Goudsmit, Spinvis, Jimmy Haslip,Lars Danielsson, Michael Moore, Joey Baron, Mercer Ellington, JohnTaylor, Harmen Fraanje, Henny Vrienten and many, many others.

His musical cooperation’s have taken Eric Vloeimans abroad many times.With diverse artists and ensembles he played all over Europe, SouthAfrica, Indonesia, Thailand, China and Japan. The experiences from histravels influence his work constantly. The music of Eric Vloeimansshows a remarkable power to create bridges and reach the hearts ofpeople all over the world.


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